Andresen Marketing offer following solutions:


First step in the process is an informal meeting for identifying the company’s needs. We’ll look at the existing marketing product portfolio and then decide what the future one must contain; in order to meet the company’s needs and goals.

We’ll look at the current customers and eventual, future target groups. Furthermore, we’ll discuss the company’s internal & external communication, media & opportunities. After the meeting, Andresen Marketing prepares a needs analysis; based on the current situation and what's prospectively needed to promote and brand your company.

With a finalized needs analysis, we’ll meet for a review where Andresen Marketing will present what to focus on, in order to achieve the company’s goals. We’ll set up a strategy for the future course and what to address; based on your company's wishes and goals.



Andresen Marketing helps your company with development and preparation of marketing material:

  • product sheets
  • casestories
  • newsletters
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing on WEB and printed material
  • posts on Social Media

You choose from the below options:

  1.  I'll handle text, layout and come up with ideas – you “deliver” the content
  2.  You write – I’ll check everything (proofreading, translation etc.)
  3.  Ad hoc, only when you need help for ideas, content, text, proofreading

From start to finish, Andresen Marketing is on the sidelines as your professional collaborator...